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You cannot be racist to white people

just like you can’t fire your boss

because you don’t have that power

See, this is a great analogy because an employee can say the same words to their boss and it would have a completely different effect as their boss saying those words to them.  A boss tells the employee: “You’re fired.” and what happens?  The employee is fired.  An employee tells the boss: “You’re fired.” and what happens?  The employee will either not be taken seriously and laughed at, or more likely, will be reprimanded for overstepping their role and punished or fired.  Such is how PoC are treated in relation to white people.  Whites saying discriminatory statements about or to people of color has real world effects; they are taken seriously, they are believed, and those statements effect the treatment of people of color.   But PoC saying those same exact statements to white people are either laughed at or, more likely, considered to be overstepping their bounds and are punished, because they lack the backing of a kyriarchal power structure that reinforces racial supremacy.

Autists are the ultimate square pegs, and the problem with pounding a square peg into a round hole is not that the hammering is hard work. It’s that you are destroying the peg.
Paul Collins (Author of Not Even Wrong: Adventures in Autism)


Sophomore Biology Major: Hey, you’re anorexic right?
Senior Sociology Major: I’m a recovering anorexic, yeah.
Sophomore Biology Major: You should probably go back to anorexia, you’re getting fat.

People who judge others for their weight insist that it’s because of concern for their health. How do they not realize how wrong they are?

I find the whole idea of being a poor black women from the inner city so romantic. Think of all the writing material I’d get from the experiences: I’m everlastingly jealous of them!

Senior Creative Writing Major (via shitrichcollegekidssay)

If you’re so jealous of poor black people, just move to a place where your race is the minority, and give up all your money. 

"Accept things you can’t change" is bullshit. Usually, the only reason you can’t change it is because people accept it.

Doesn’t the world “homophobia” make it sound like a very bad thing? Isn’t it a bit rude to call people “homophobic” just because of their personal beliefs?

English tutor (via shitrichcollegekidssay)

The only thing wrong with the word “homophobia” is that it could be offensive to people who have phobias.

Why even bother tipping? If waitresses wanted money they’d get a real job.

Senior Business Major (via shitrichcollegekidssay)

If you don’t want waitrons to exist, why are you eating at a restaurant?

"I don’t see why learning about Native Americans is such a big deal, it’s not like they’re relevant anymore. Could you also not use the term ‘white people,’ because I think it’s offensive."
-Second Year International Studies Major (via shitrichcollegekidssay)

If “white people” is offensive, would they prefer “illegal immigrants”? Native Americans were here first.

We must disincentivize homelessness by making it less pleasurable to people, that is why putting spikes up to prevent sleeping in public spaces is a much needed innovation of economics progress.

Sophomore Economics Major (via shitrichcollegekidssay)

"We need to disincentivize homelessness. If you ask a bunch of children what they want to be when they grow up, 97% of them will say "homeless". It’s so pleasurable to sleep outside in random places, so much better than a bed inside a house."

- this asshole’s logic

What you’re really saying when you’re against self diagnosis:



1. Everyone should be assumed neurotypical and should be forced to act neurotypical, until proven otherwise.

2. Everyone who has been unable to get diagnosed for any reason should suffer in silence.

What you’re really, really saying when you’re against self diagnosis:

1. You aren’t going to put up with whining teenagers trying to get attention by faking conditions through their incompetent medical knowledge.

And I don’t get your second point. Unable to get diagnosed? You mean if the doctor tells you, you don’t have the condition? Is that them just being ‘ableist’? If a doctor tells you that, you better accept the fucking truth.

The only other situation where you couldn’t get diagnosed is if you are living in a 3rd world country without proper medical care or money to pay for medical care. In that case, you probably wouldn’t be whining on tumblr.

You’re ignorant as fuck.

You seem to hate teenagers, and since it’s socially acceptable to hate teenagers, you can invent some random thing that you think teenagers do and expect people to believe you. Why would someone pretend to be a member of a hated group? Most people who self diagnose do it so they can solve their problems with solutions that work for them instead of desperately trying to be normal, and there can’t possibly be anything wrong with that. Also, how can someone be “trying to get attention” if they don’t tell most people?  

There are plenty of reasons to not be able to get diagnosed. Maybe you’re under 18 and your parents refuse to listen to you because they insist that you’re normal. Maybe you can’t afford to see a doctor, which does not only happen in third world countries. Maybe your doctor refused to diagnose you because of a stereotype, and you can’t afford to see another one. Maybe you can’t afford to take time off from work. 



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