Concealed Weapon

This is a commercial made by the disgusting, ableist and ageist hate group known as Autism Speaks. 

"One of the most prominent signs of autism in children is the avoidance of eye contact. Autism Speaks wanted people to truly experience how this must feel for parents."

Since parents believe that their children are their property, they feel entitled to controlling their children’s facial expressions. A child not doing what the parents want is considered a defect. Everyone feels bad for the ableist and ageist parents who don’t get the eye contact that they feel entitled to, but they don’t care about how terrifying it is for autistic people to have to constantly control their facial expressions to prevent being judged, and in some cases, being abused. 

Also, avoiding eye contact is not just a sign of autism in children. Autistic adults avoid eye contact too. There’s no reason to erase autistic adults just because you can no longer treat them as someone’s property.

Possible intersection with sexism, because when she grows up, if someone harasses her on the street and tells her to smile, she may believe it’s normal for people to harass her about her facial expressions.

Edit: Also, as stated in the link, some cultures consider eye contact to be rude, so this also discriminates against those cultures.

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    Apparently they are acting like not making eye contact is such a horror that they don’t need anything else to make that...
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    So, when I was 10, I started seeing a psychiatrist for unrelated reasons. Most of our visits were spent not talking...
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    It’s also ethnocentric, since not all culture see “making eye contact” as being a sign of politeness. In some cultures,...
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    whimmy-bam has nailed the problem with Autism Speaks in a nutshell. They aren’t about helping autistics to speak, they...
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    Also, in some cultures making eye contact is considered rude.
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