Concealed Weapon
MRAs and generalizations about men

Men’s Rights Activists insist that men are systematically oppressed by women, with one example being that women assume that all men are rapists or rape enablers.

They’re offended when women don’t immediately trust men. (Why should women trust men? Men have the privilege to rape and get away with it.) If they’re so offended when men are stereotyped as being rapists:

  • Why are they silent when men justify their sexism by pretending that all men act the same way?
  • Why are they silent when Nice Guys act like they deserve a reward for being nice because “a gentleman is hard to find”?
  • Why are they silent when people compare women dressing or acting in a way that attracts men to going near wild animals wearing a meat suit?

The only logical explanation is that Men’s Rights Activists are okay with generalizations about men, but only when it’s done to justify men being sexist or to blame women for being assaulted. If it’s done by women as a way of keeping themselves safe, THAT’S when Men’s Rights Activists are offended.

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